In this article, we aim to give you an idea of our LED Submersible Lights. Before we start, you may want to check our latest-released Submersible Lights with Suction first.

1.Introducing LED Submersible Lights

1.1 What is LED Submersible Light? 
LED Submersible Lights, as its name implies, it’s a lighting device that can be used underwater. It’s primarily designed for aquariums, ponds, pools, fountains, and indoor ornaments, creating a green, practical, and aesthetically-appealing solution to a functional and decorative lighting system. Here are 2 samples of our LED submersible light, 10-led and upgraded 13-led light:

led pool lights        led submersible lights

1.2 What Are The Advantages of LED Submersible Lights Compared With Normal Lighting Device?
In the past decades, LED lighting has been the most sought-after choice replacing incandescent and fluorescent light sources. It creates light with less energy consumption, which makes it more environmental-friendly. Besides, LED lights usually have a longer lifespan. Our LED submersible lights can live up to 8000 hours, bringing less hassle to users. LED submersible lights can be applied to a wide range of fixtures such as aquariums, ponds, pools, fountains and waterfalls. What’s more, it can also be used to create an amazing atmosphere during Christmas, Halloween, or other scenarios. Read on to discover more of the added values of LED Submersible Lighting or check the video below first.


Fancy multi-color lighting? Our submersible RGB LED light supports up to 16 colors. All these colors support 3/4 flashing modes including flash, strobe, smooth, and fade, which give you more freedom to create a different beautiful atmosphere that you want. How about that!

Motion Led Puck Light

Study shows that lighting color temperature and light reception can indirectly affect human’s body and influence sleep and mood. Brighter and stronger lights are suggested for the morning, while dimmer lights are recommended for night. Based on this, our product designers add the dimmable program, which allows you to control the brightness level based on different time and situation. It sounds even making life smarter, isn’t it?

The above are all remote controllable! Imagine how convenient it is if you can control the lights no matter you’re lying on your couch or at the poolside with just one remote control. We have 2 types of remote control primarily: IR remote control & RF remote control

  IR remote control   RF remote control
  Dimension   5.2cm*8.5cm   4cm*8.5cm
  Range   5m-8m(16ft-26ft)   50m/164ft in air, 2.5m/8.2ft in water
  Direction   Aiming Needed   360°, no need to aim

LED submersible lights with IR remote control   LED submersible lights with RF remote control

When it comes to submersible lights, one of the key factors that we’d suggest you care about is the IP rating. IP stands for Ingress Protection, which means its capacity of stopping stuff from getting inside. IP 68 suggests its solid rating and water resistance rating reaches the maximum. Our LED submersible light has applied the IP68 waterproof material, this provides a basis for good user experience. Our newly-upgraded version has 1 more waterproof sealing ring added, enhancing its waterproof level.

LED Submersible Lightssubmersible lights with waterproof sealing ring

Note: please make sure it’s tightly twisted during use.

One of the added values of our LED submersible light is the magnets and 2 suction cups equipped, making it easy to stick on iron surface and smooth surface strongly, it can even handle rough surfaces.

submersible led lights with magnet and suction

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